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Been There. Done that. 



Been There. Done that. 


A boy with a dream to play cricket for the country, landed a job as a steward at the Taj Mahal Hotel. After a short stint playing county cricket in the U.K., he was beckoned back to India to join his elder brother in his three-year-old advertising firm, Percept Ltd. 

Throughout his 28 years as Joint Managing Director of Percept, Shailendra Singh been known by many names. Some know him as ‘The Sports Marketing Guru’. Some as ‘Advertising Wiz’ or ‘Bollywood Producer’. He has been branded an ‘Entertainment Mogul’, recently claimed the titled of ‘Asia’s Largest Music Promoter and ‘Bestselling Author’, and is fast emerging as a respected icon for India’s 600 million under the age of 25.

This creative genius in a business suit has changed many a game and broken barriers across many industries. If an industry didn't exist, then he forged ahead and created it.

Regardless of the title or the industry, anyone who shares part of their journey with S.S. realizes that his success lies in his inherently keen intuition, fount of inexhaustible ideas and having the balls and brains to turn his imagination into reality. From the first brilliant spark of an idea, to its public debut, to the champagne celebration of its success, Shailendra Singh starts really . . . cool. . .  shit. 

He is an Inceptor. 


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Sunburn is the 9th largest festival in the world, the largest festival in Asia and the 3rd ‘most connected’ EDM festival in the world.

But Sunburn is more than a just music festival. It is more than just a brand. In eight short years, Sunburn has rocketed from a small experiment on a Goan beach, to become the largest festival season on the planet. In Season 7 alone, Sunburn touched over 18 million lives. A much needed entertainment option for the youth of India, fans eat, sleep and breathe Sunburn. Sunburn is a lifestyle.

As fan fanaticism reaches unprecedented levels, as the international EDM industry turns their attention to India, and as competition lusts after the coolest youth-connecting brand in the nation, everyone wants to get backstage at Sunburn. But only a few have AAA access to the mayhem and madness. And only one man has created, captained and bore witness to the entire journey – the Inceptor of Sunburn and Jt MD of Percept, Shailendra Singh. 

He is the only Indian to be ranked in the 50 Most Powerful People in EDM (2013) by inthemix, was invited to join Niles Rogers, Gorgio Moroder and other industry legends on the conference favorite Gamechangers Panel at ADE 2013, and was the first non-musician to be featured on the cover of RollingStone Magazine. With Sunburn executing 200+ events in a year, and owning 95% of the EDM market in India, Shailendra Singh is Asia's largest Music Promoter.



It all started with the Airtel Freedom Concert in 1998. India’s first ever live pop music concert witnessed performances by Shiamak Davar, Leslie Lewis and Hariharan. In 2004, the Sangeet Awards celebrated Indian music with an awards extravaganza in San Francisco and London. A first of its kind event, it featured Bollywood superstars like Shah Rukh Khan, Salman Khan and Rani Mukerji.

In 2006, the immaculate execution of the Nokia New Year’s Eve bash can be credited to Shailendra’s eye for detail. Produced in partnership with Harvey Goldsmith, Percept stayed true to Nokia’s motto and succeeded in connecting people across the globe with scintillating performances by: Nelly Furtado/ A.R Rehman/ Shahid Kapoor/ Priyanka Chopra/ and choreographed by Shiamak Davar. 

5 concerts across 5 cities - Hong Kong, Rio De Janeiro, Mumbai, Berlin, New York -  but Percept won the Gold Ex “Excellence Award for the Best International Event” for their management of the event in Mumbai. It was India’s first international New Year’s Concert. 

In 2007, paying tribute to four decades of Rock and Metal, Percept launched Metalfest. Brazilian heavy metal band, Sepultura performed for thousands in Mumbai, Delhi, Bangalore and Shillong. Launched in 2011, Bollywood Live (now Bollyboom) was the first ever multicity Bollywood Dance Music Festival and India’s first chance to consume Bollywood. 2012 saw the launches of: Lost - a music intensive, road rally; Superstar - India's first DJ ranking festival; DJ Mag India - with Shailendra Singh as Mentor. 

His latest intellectual property, Fly Music Festival, was released from the Percept stables in February of 2015. Fly is focused on the best international and domestic live bands and musicians, and the inaugural event featured British sensation, Ed Sheeran. 







In 2008, Shailendra Singh was voted the ‘12th Most Powerful Player in Bollywood’, by Filmfare Magazine. In 2009, Percept Pictures was listed as the 4th Most Powerful Entity in Bollywood on the Filmfare Power List – no minor accomplishment for a company that was barely five years old. 

From the critically acclaimed Page 3, to the rib-tickling comedy Malaamal Weekly, India’s first animation feature film Hanuman, to the National Award winning Kanchivaram, Shailendra’s deep understanding of audiences, genres and markets led to the production of a wide gamut of meaningful and commercially viable cinema. In a short span of 6 years, P.P.C. has produced and distributed over 72 commercial feature films and made a name for itself as ‘A Studio with a Difference’.   

Shailendra’s work in content does not end with cinema. In the TV Programming industry, he was an integral part of the re-birth of one of India’s leading Hindi G.E.C.s, Sahara One, launching India’s first youth-oriented fictional serial, ADA, and Powerr Trip, a trailblazer in the cluttered talk show offerings, hosted by Shoba De. He also commissioned the weekly soap Woh Rehne Waali Mahlon Ki, breaking the 21:00 hrs prime time band wide apart, and India‘s first live dial out game show, Dial One Aur Jeeto. Shailendra was also responsible for launching Filmy, the Hindi language movie channel, in 2006. 

I believe that cinema is the largest form of communication. Not only does it entertain people, but also has the potential to make a difference - socially, culturally and emotionally.
— Shailendra Singh


Firsts in Indian Cinema: 

Mr Lachlan Murdoch and Mr Shailendra Singh - LR1.jpg







Throughout the years, S.S. is perhaps best known as ‘the face of Indian sports marketing’. He gave up his own cricketing career in 1987, yet his passion for sports drove him to launch and promote many new sporting initiatives in India. In 1994, he setup Percept D’Mark (PDM) and in a short span of time, captained the company to become India’s leading Experiential and Sports Marketing Agency. 

His passion, combined with his business acumen, has resulted in significant landmarks for the Indian sports marketing industry. He envisioned a huge opportunity in cricket and conceptualized the famous INR 100 crore sponsorship of the Indian Cricket Team. He single-handedly changed the very dynamics of the sports sponsorship business in India.  

Credited as the man who gave birth to ‘Cricketainment’ in India, his contribution to revolutionizing the sport has found a special mention in The IPL handbook. Many years before the billion-dollar IPL league was launched, it was S.S. who organized the same format matches, known then as ‘Masala Matches’

Not content with just cricket, S.S. shifted his focus to promoting alternate sports in India, including Soccer, Tennis, Golf, Cycling, Wrestling, with Boxing being his personal favorite. Through PDM, he has created, launched and executed close to 1000 sport related events in India, and the world, including: Kargil Benefit Soccer Match, Laureus Sports Academy, Sahara Indian Sports Academy & Awards (SISA), Formula 1 Powerboat Championship, Toronto Sahara Cup Cricket Tournament, LG Cricket First, Lagaan Cup, Million Dollar Arm, Felicitation of Boxing Champions, Sahara Pune Warriors Sponsorship.

As we speak about India Next, sport still takes a backseat and does not get the needed attention, recognition and accolades it deserves. India has the potential to become a sporting nation, but to achieve this dream we require an enduring vision, resolute commitment, belief, passion and absolute dedication from each and every Indian across our nation.
— Shailendra Singh


Intellectual Properties Created in Sport:


Talent Management

Talent Managemet

Talent Management

Talent Managemet


The Kingmaker

Personally associated with 250+ celebrities through endorsements, appearances, movies and live entertainment, Shailendra Singh's affair with Talent Management started quite early in his career. At a time when most of the celebrities in India were managed by their secretaries, he was the first to spot the need, and the opportunity. In 2007, he launched Percept Talent Management. 

Shailendra was also largely responsible for bringing big-buck endorsements to sports talent. At one point in time, Percept was managing 9 of the eleven top Indian cricketers playing for the National Team. Percept can be credited for starting the entirely new industry, Sports Management, in the Talent Management domain in India.

Responsible for turning many Talents into Brands, with an identity that was beyond their realm and lifespan, the diverse talent pool that he identified and nurtured included Bollywood celebrities, Sports Stars, Musicians, Writers, Directors, Fashion Designers and International icons:


national talent

Aamir Khan     ✫     Aishwarya Rai     ✫     Amitabh Bachchan 

Amrita Rao     ✫     Bipasha Basu     ✫     Dia Mirza     ✫     Hrithik Roshan  

Karan Johar      ✫     Kareena Kapoor     ✫     Katrina Kaif  

Lara Dutta     ✫     Mallika Sherwat     ✫     Niel Nitin Mukesh  

Preity Zinta     ✫     Priyanka Chopra     ✫     Rani Mukherji     

Salman Khan     ✫     Shah Rukh Khan     ✫     Shilpa Shetty            


Gagan Ajit Singh      ✫     Jai Bhagwan     ✫     Kapil Dev 

Manoj Kumar     ✫     M.S. Dhoni     ✫     Rahul Dravid

Wakar Younis     ✫     Sunil Gavaskar     ✫     Sourav Ganguly

S. Sreesanth     ✫     Sushil Kumar     ✫     Vijendra Singh

Virendra Sehwag     ✫     Yuvraj Singh      ✫     Zaheer Khan


international talent

Boris Becker     ✫     Daley Thomson      ✫     Edwin Moses

MichaelJohnson      ✫     Mohammed Kaif     ✫     Nadia Comaneci 

Ricky Ponting     ✫     Shaun Pollock     ✫     Stephen Fleming     ✫     Steve Tikolo


My association with Percept has been great. More than being able to efficiently manage my work they’re great people to be associated with. It’s been a very pleasant journey, good fun and I’ve been able to depend on them.
— Priyanka Chopra
I’ve had a great association with Percept. They have been quite instrumental in my endeavors, and are a hardworking set of people.
— Shah Rukh Khan
I hope we do some kick-ass work again soon!
— Hrithik Roshan










Some of us are born explorers, some of us are born inventors, but only a handful of us can be branded as innovators.

In the early years of Percept Advertising, Shailendra’s success came from analyzing global advertising published in international magazines and adapting these trends to suit Indian customers. Innovation was the name of the game, but the key ingredient in the formula for success was an acute understanding of the Indian consumer.

Within a few short years, this small advertising agency became India’s leading homegrown communications group, producing over 2,000 award winning ad campaigns for some of the best known Indian and multinational clients.  

The single most important factor that Percept brought to the table for Hero Honda is the emotional connect with the customer. With Percept’s ‘Desh Ki Dhadkan’ campaign, we managed to go beyond the functional aspects of the product and connect with the consumer emotionally.
— Pawan Munjal, CEO of Hero MotoCorp and long time client of Percept


Celebrities who have debuted in front of Percept's cameras:

Aishwarya Rai                     Bipasha Basu                             Lara Dutta

Sushmita Sen                      Hrithik Roshan                         Karan Johar

Boris Becker                           Lalit Modi                        Saurav Ganguly

Kapil Dev                                                                              Yuvraj Singh



Just Some of the 2,000 Campaigns



Corporate Social Responsiblity


Corporate Social Responsiblity



After 25 years as Joint Managing Director of Percept, Shailendra Singh has “been there, and done that”. But, through it all, he has always strived to give back - using his skills, networks and resources to make a difference in the world. Since his core competencies lie in communication, marketing and media, he has focused on harnessing these strengths to create awareness for a number of causes. 

Shailendra's contribution to creating awareness for HIV/AIDS has been especially unparalleled. From live shows for The Mukti Foundation, to the cause based feature film “Phir Milenge”, to various events such as Walk for Life, and multifold ad campaigns detailing the causes and breaking the stigmas of of HIV/AIDS, Shailendra’s dedication to the cause is beyond compare. For his work, Shailendra Singh received the MTV Staying Alive Award - the first and only time the award was given in India. 

In order to coordinate his social responsibility efforts, Shailendra incepted:

United is a Social Awareness Foundation working with Corporates, Individuals, Marketing Organizations and Celebrities who wish to harness the power of togetherness to make a positive change in the world around them.

We have a responsibility individually and collectively towards a broader constituency, which includes the entire community we operate in. The only society that succeeds today is one that’s founded on mutual respect, compassion and collaboration. We have the power of choice, and need to break the mould and move beyond corporate social responsibility to social innovation and creating enduring solutions for humanity. Philanthropy and altruism to society is a growing unstoppable force, and I believe that together we can make this world a much better place to live in.
— Shailendra Singh

Some of the IPS and EVENTS conceptualized and executed by Shailendra Singh:

  • Hope Gala 
    • Held at the Royal Albert Hall, London, this concert raised funds for war-torn countries like Iraq, Angola and Kosovo where the maximum number of children suffer from leukemia. It featured Sonu Nigam, Sapna Mukherjee and Elton John. 
  • Tsunami Relief Cricket Match 
    • Aamir Khan XI vs. Sachin Tendulkar XI, to raise funds for Tsunami victims. 
  • Sahara Kargil Benefit Cricket Match 
    • Film personalities vs. cricketers, including Sachin Tendulkar, Saurav Ganguly, Shah Rukh Khan and Saif Ali Khan. Dignitaries included the Prime Minister of India and Defense Minister.
  • Gujarat Drought Relief Match
    • Hrithik Roshan XI vs. Sachin Tendulkar XI played for the Gujarat drought victims.
  • Siyaram’s Tennis Challenge
    • India vs. Australia, at Chennai, to raise funds for earthquake relief. Boris Becker, Yuvraj Singh, Kapil Dev and Aamir Khan graced the occasion.
  • Hercules: Pedal for Mumbai Rally
    • For a ‘cleaner and greener’ city, in association with the Mumbai Traffic Police.
  • C.P.A. Kambakth Piracy Entertainment Nite
    • Spreading awareness through entertainment by Cinema Peoples Academy to spread the message of anti-piracy. Performances by Salman Khan, Yana Gupta and Govinda.
  • AVON Pink Walkathon
    • For Breast Cancer Awareness.
  • Pink Lips Concert 
    • Performances by Salim Sulaiman, Shaan and Meiyang Chang to commemorate ‘World No Tobacco Day’ in association with Cancer Patients Aids Association. 
  • Celebrities XI vs. Doctors XI
    • The T20 cricket match to raise funds for C.P.A.A.’s fight against tobacco related cancer included Govinda, Suneil Shetty, Sohail Khan, Milind Soman and prominent surgeons from across the country. 
  • Leave No Trace
    • Sunburn joined hands with United to inculcate a sense of environmental responsibility in youth, making the event the most eco-friendly festival in Asia.
  • ‘I AM INDIA’ 
    • A movement pioneered by Shailendra Singh and initiated by United to create awareness about the power of Brand India. Providing a platform for Youth to represent India and spread global awareness about the power of “Brand India”.
  • Kargil Benefit Concert
    • A concert on the Kargil border with celebrities and dignitaries like Shah Rukh Khan, A.R. Rahman, and Atal Bihari Vajpayee. 



  • Mukti AIDS Concerts
    • In association with Smita Thackeray, S.S. has executed numerous star studded concerts each year on World AIDS Day - 1st Dec. With performances by Salman Khan, Shah Rukh Khan, Saif Ali Khan, Hrithik Roshan, Lara Dutta, Shaan, Kailash Kher, and attended by Dharmendra, Ranbir Kapoor, Priya Dutt, Anu Malik and many more, proceeds are donated to NGOs working for AIDS awareness causes across India. 
  • Mukti AIDS Foundation Events
    • Throughout the years, S.S. and Percept have handled most major events initiated by the Mukti Foundation, including theater, sporting and awards events. 
  • Mukti AIDS TV Campaign
    • Shown on all major satellite channels and theaters across the country, P.P.C. directed three groundbreaking commercials, with Amitabh Bachchan, Ranbir Kapoor and Salman Khan, to raise awareness about HIV/ AIDS. Percept Advertising has been a Mukti Foundation partner in a majority of its social action projects. 
  • Masti Xpress
    • In 2005, in association with director Ashok Pandit, S.S. conceptualized and executed a superstar performance for 500 children affected by AIDS. Anupam Kher, Salman Khan, Govinda, Rajpal Yadav, Satish Kaushik, Shakti Kapoor and Himesh Reshamiya lit up the stage. 
  • Walk for Life
    • S.S. organized top celebrities, Salman Khan, Shilpa Shetty, Neha Dhupia, Amrita Arora and so many more, to walk the ramp with HIV infected children to show their support for the cause of HIV/ AIDS. The evening ended with an auction to raise funds for awareness initiatives.
  • Pedal for Life
    • Cyclathon to raise funds and awareness for HIV/ AIDS.



  • MTV Staying Alive Award 
    • Presented to S.S. by Alanis Morissette and Kamal Hassan in recognition of his movie Phir Milenge, India’s first commercial film about AIDS, and for his outstanding contributon to the cause of HIV/AIDS awareness.
  • NAB National Award   
    • Awarded in recognition of his untiring efforts to spread mass awareness about the visually impaired. 


Just Some of the Campaigns Created or Organizations Associated with:


Written Works

Written Works

Written Works

Written Works


Bestselling Author

On February 7, 2013, Shailendra Singh ventured into the literary wold with the release of his first book, F?@K Knows

Within 30 days, the book was ranked #1 in the Crossword Top Ten Bestseller list. Within 45 days, the book was ranked by the HT-Nielsen Bookscan as a #1 National Bestseller in Non-Fiction. F?@K Knows was also nominated for the Crossword Most Popular Book of the Year Award. 


F?@k Knows sports an edgy and straightforward conversational style.
— HT City
Shailendra’s book is a masterpiece of one-liners.
— Business India
Candid and unapologetically brash.
— Financial Express




In December of 2014, Shailendra Singh released his second book: The True Story of Sunburn. 

As fan fanaticism reaches unprecedented levels, as the international EDM industry turns their attention to India, and as competition lusts after the coolest youth-connecting brand in the nation, everyone wants to get backstage at Sunburn. But only a few have AAA access to the mayhem and madness. And only one man has created, captained and bore witness to the entire journey – the Inceptor of Sunburn and Jt MD of Percept, Shailendra Singh.

For the first time, the entire Sunburn story is narrated for the record books, straight from the man who knows it best. Behind the scenes revelations, backstage confessions, the real stories of ‘that time when…’ flow through the candid photographs and iconic imagery of the Mission to Planet Sunburn.

Anyone who has ever been to a Sunburn event, all of the one million fans on Facebook, and the entire global EDM industry will grab for this book – for entertainment, for education, and for inspiration. The story of Sunburn is also the story of India’s second only ‘glocal’ intellectual property. Besides IPL, India has never had a homegrown intellectual property that is exported to over 80 countries of the world. Sunburn is a case study for anyone who has a big dream, and an inspiration to go balls-to-the-wall chasing that dream.

The True Story of Sunburn is for the fans, of the fans, by its biggest fan: Shailendra Singh.